Signs and Symptoms of Menopause

Often referred to as the "change of life" menopause is a process that happens over time. In many ways, other than just biological changes, women are also going through changes in their lives as their children grow up and move out. Of course, women without children also go through biological changes. If you are experiencing menopause in Laurel, Rockville, and Silver Spring, MD you can count on the physicians at Capital Women's Care Division 64 to provide the answers and treatments you need.

Irregular Periods

One of the first hints you may have that you are entering menopause is that your periods become irregular. It can mean heavy bleeding, light spotting, or skipping periods altogether. Don't assume that you are no longer fertile. Many women have had a surprise late-life child. It is important to continue to use birth control.

Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are one of the most common and uncomfortable symptoms of menopause. It can cause embarrassment and the feeling of wanting to remove clothing. It usually affects the upper body and can cause redness to the face and neck and blotches on the chest and arms. These can last for many years both before and after menopause. 

Night Sweats

Night sweats are one of the many things that can disrupt the sleep of women who are going through menopause. It is a severe form of a hot flash that causes the body to sweat profusely and makes getting a good night's sleep nearly impossible. 

Vaginal Dryness

Low levels of estrogen are the cause of vaginal dryness due to thinning and drying of the vaginal tissue. This makes having intercourse painful and can lead to irritation, itching, and burning. It can be treated by using a lubricant to keep things moist.  

Mood Swings

It is not uncommon for women going through menopause in Laurel, Rockville, and Silver Spring, MD, to have mood changes and even crying jags. If you had mood swings after you gave birth or with your monthly period, you are more likely to also have it during menopause. Many things can contribute to mood changes including lack of sleep, depression, and dealing with the changes going on in your life. 

Memory Problems

It is not unusual to have problems with your memory or with focusing. Studies have shown that these are not caused by lower estrogen levels and are more likely caused by lack of sleep or depression and will not benefit from hormone treatment. 

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