Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment?

There are two ways you can schedule an appointment. You can use the link on this page to schedule electronically or you may call the office. We will get you scheduled as soon as possible with one of our providers.

If you are a NEW patient, please call our office at (301) 468-0073.

If you are an established patient and utilize the patient portal, you may request an appointment by sending a message.

What should I bring to my appointment?

You will need to bring your driver’s license or government issued photo ID, your health insurance card and any copay for your insurance mandates one for a specialist.

If you do not have your insurance card at the time of your appointment, you may need to reschedule. In some instances, we can verify your benefits with your policy number/group number/policy holder information if you have misplaced your card. For your privacy and protection, We cannot be able to see you if you do not have proof of your identity, regardless of presenting your insurance information.

Do I have to fill out paperwork if I have been here before?

If it has been longer than 2 years since you have visited us, you will need to fill out new patient paperwork again.
We prefer you use the IMH link here (x) to fill out your history and forms prior to your visit. If you do not have a cell phone, please select patient resources, NEW PATIENT FORMS based on your appointment type; OB, WELL EXAM, or GYN. Print off the forms and complete them prior to your visit.

Please note: The NEW PATIENT forms are very extensive, so if you do not follow the IMH link or print off the forms prior to your visit, you should arrive 45 minutes early. For established patients, 15-20 minutes prior will be sufficient time to update any missing documentation.

What if I’m running late?

Please notify our office as soon as possible if you are running late. Depending on different circumstances, you may be asked to reschedule If you are more than 15 minutes.

What is the cancellation policy at your office?

Due to scheduling constraints, we would like to be notified as soon as your aware of the inability to keep your appointment. We know it’s not always possible to give us 24 hours’ notice, so we ask you be mindful of other patients waiting for openings by calling us to let us know you will not make it in.

We don’t normally charge a fee to cancel or reschedule, however after 3 consecutive no-show visits, you will be charged a fee to reschedule.

What do I do if the office is closed and I have an emergency?

We always have a physician on call. If it is after hours and you have an emergency, call our office at (301) 468-0073 and ask for the physician on call. The physician will call you back and give advice or instruction to go to hospital. If you have a medical emergency that requires immediate assistance, please call 911.

How do I get my lab results?

All lab results will drop to the patient portal for you to see as soon as it becomes available to us, regardless of if your provider has signed off on it or not. Please sign up for the patient portal to access your records anytime. If you have a question regarding the results, please set up a Virtual Visit to discuss them with your provider.

Depending on the type of result you are expecting, a medical assistant may contact you with results and further instructions.

What is the difference between a Nurse Practitioner/Nurse Midwife and a Physician?

Nurse Practitioners (NP) and Nurse Midwives (NM) are registered nurses who have a masters or doctoral degree in advanced practice nursing. NPs and NMs work directly with patients and can diagnose, treat, and manage OB/GYN care independently. Just like physicians, they can execute physical examinations, provide education and counseling, order and interpret diagnostic tests, write prescriptions, and perform necessary procedures.

Physicians perform the same in-office services as NPs and NM’s and evaluate and treat more complicated problems. They are available to consult with NPs and NMs as needed.

Where do you do surgery?

Our physicians perform surgery at Maryland Surgery Center in Rockville and Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring.

Home - Maryland Surgery Center

How will my surgery or induction be scheduled?

Once you and your provider have discussed the procedure or induction, we will get you scheduled at the proper facility. Our surgical scheduler, Tifany Smith will call you and help you find the best date for you and that is available.

Capital Women’s Care Division 64 Surgical Scheduling

What hospital do you deliver at?

All our physicians deliver at Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring, MD

Holy Cross Hospital | Silver Spring | Maryland (

What is cord blood banking?

Cord blood is extra blood that is left in the umbilical cord and placenta after the cord has been cut. This extra blood contains cells that can help those who are sick, now or in the future. Cord blood that is collected can be stored for future use by your family, or it can be donated to the public.

Cord Blood Banking | ACOG


Cord Blood Registry: America's Largest Family Cord Blood Bank

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