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When you are having a baby, the services of a midwife can be indispensable. Midwives are certified nurses with master's degrees and receive a CNM (Certified Nurse-Midwife) so you know you are in knowledgeable, experienced hands. You have a highly-skilled medical professional helping you deliver your baby.

How a Midwife Is Different

A midwife practices holistic principles, centered on the family, all during your journey–from pregnancy, to childbirth, to postpartum needs.

When you choose a midwife to help with delivery, you can still take advantage of the options available, including having a natural birth or having pain medication, including an epidural. The choice is yours.

How a Midwife Can Help You With Prenatal Care

A midwife has advanced training and can help with:

  • Prenatal care on an individual or group basis
  • Providing you with educational tools to help you and your baby thrive
  • Providing emotional support to you and your family
  • Providing advice on managing labor, including both medication, and options with no medication

How a Midwife Can Help During Labor and Delivery

  • Help with a vaginal birth, including positional changes, relaxation, hydrotherapy, and other options
  • Help you have the birth you want including having a VBAC after a C-section
  • Assisting the OBGYN if complications develop

How a Midwife Can Help After Delivery

A midwife can help you bond with your baby, and:

  • Provide breastfeeding tips and guidance to make breastfeeding easier
  • Help with your physical recovery
  • Help with postpartum depression
  • Discuss your birth control options and what might work best for you

A midwife can discuss birthing options with you, so you have a relaxing, intimate, birthing experience. A midwife is there for you and your family, giving you peace-of-mind, so you can give birth to a healthy baby.

Midwife services can help you have a wonderful birthing experience. To find out more about midwife services, call Capital Women’s Care Division 64. You can reach any of their three offices in Silver Spring, Laurel, or Rockville, MD, by calling (301) 468-0073, so call now.

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